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Woocommerce Emails

Woocommerce email settings can be found by going to the backend of your site and going to Woocommerce -> Settings -> Emails. 

Woocommerce email can be customized in a few ways. The primary settings allow you to alter base, background, and text colors, include your logo as a header image, and dictate who should be receiving each email. It is also possible to use plugins like MailPoet to add more detailed information and sections. The Woocommerce website has many of these details which can be found here.

One common question we get regarding emails is how a product specific message can be added to an email. Below is an excerpt from the linked Woocommerce documentation:

Adding product-specific information

If you sell different types of products, you might want to include specific information that applies to each one in your customer emails. To do this, go to Products and click Edit under the product you want to change. Scroll down to the Product Data section and click Advanced. There, you’ll see a blank box where you can add a Purchase Note.

product data box showing a product note field

Purchase Notes can be used in a variety of ways. You could link to a PDF instruction manual or page your customer has special access to. Or, you could include a coupon code for a discount off their next purchase. The goal is to provide as much valuable information as possible to your customers so that they’ll love your products and keep coming back.