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Good Crooks

Good Crooks was created in an effort to bring awareness to our veterans, homeless, substance abuse, and mental health…

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Hidden in Plain Site

Hidden In Plain Site is a VR exploration of easily overlooked sites around Richmond, Va. of historical significance to the Black experience… 


Melanin Pop'n

Melanin Pop’n in an online store providing apparel and accessories that promotes love of your natural self and the use of black and brown figures in general designs…

Zing Pet Supplies Landing Page

Zing Pet Supplies

Zing Pet Supplies is locally owned and operated out of Alexandria, VA. Their focus is on enhancing the lives of your pet’s life by bringing health and happiness…


M.K. Williams For Fairfield

Dr. Micheal K. Williams relocated back to his hometown Fairfield, AL in order to make a change. The city has a very high crime and unemployment rate, poor housing, and so on…

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