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SWaM Fest Website Redesign



Web Design
Graphic Design


Project Goal: Design a modern, engaging website to expand Swamfest’s reach within the business community, universities, and agencies.


Swamfest lacked a permanent online presence, relying instead on temporary websites set up annually. This approach led to missed opportunities in engaging with past attendees and sponsors, and in attracting new ones. The absence of a consistent online platform hindered long-term community building and brand continuity, limiting their ability to effectively showcase their event history, gather feedback, and maintain year-round engagement. The challenge was to create a permanent, dynamic website that could serve as a central hub for ongoing engagement and growth.
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  • Research and Planning: Analysis of the old website using Internet Archive, understanding Swamfest’s audience and objectives.
  • Design and Development: Utilization of WordPress, incorporating SSL, and selecting appropriate themes and plugins. Development of a site wireframe including various sections like Event Information, About, Speakers, etc.
  • Content Integration: Incorporating content from the original site, creating an image gallery, and setting up event videos.


  • Website Features: Modern design with effective navigation, image galleries, video integration, email campaign framework, SEO optimization, and WCAG compliance.
  • Innovative Ideas: Introduction of sponsor/banner ad positions, a Chatbot for user engagement, and highlighting business opportunities.


The redesigned website is expected to significantly enhance user engagement, provide better information accessibility, and effectively promote Swamfest events.


The project highlighted the importance of modern design and interactive features in enhancing a website’s appeal and functionality.

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