And according to Pinterest, interest in travel-related content is already surging:

“On Pinterest, travel engagement is at an all-time high – even when you look at the year before COVID. Travel searches on Pinterest increased 60% year over year. And those searches are turning all the pent-up demand into real bookings.”

Pinterest also notes that its travel audience is up 40% from 2019, while​ it’s additionally seen an 80% increase in searches for rural travel.

That opens up new opportunities for travel marketers, who will welcome this new demand with open arms, as they work to get themselves back on their feet in the gradual recovery from the pandemic.

To provide more assistance on this, Pinterest has honed in its research to identify seven market segments within this new travel-ready audience, which could help to shape your marketing efforts, and boost response.

Pinterest travel audience subsets

As per Pinterest:

“Coming out of COVID, you’ll see new types of travelers emerge. Based on our data, we’ve identified eight travel personas that are growing in importance for travel marketers: Bucket Listers, Culture Chasers, Digital Nomads, Foodie Travelers, Memory Makers, Outdoor Junkies, Rural Tourists and Weekend Travelers.”

Each of these segments has its own interests and focus, and by tailoring your campaign messaging to each, you could connect with a more readily engaged audience, who’ll be looking to take you up on your offers and promotions.

Pinterest has now added all eight of these new travel personas to Pinterest Ads Manager, so you can focus on each with specific messaging. Given the stats, this could be a great way to boost your efforts on the platform, while the same insights could also related to broader campaign targeting, even off Pinterest, which may help in your marketing approach.

Either way, these are some valuable data notes, and as interest in travel grows, a wide breadth of businesses will likely benefit from these insights.